Partners Program


Massive Brand Marketing Partners

Massive Brand Marketing values our affiliates, professionals and companies that connect us with others who need our services.

That is why we created the Massive Brand Partners Program to a provide a strong incentive for those helping us build new relationships.

What Is the Partners Program: Receive 10% of our revenue for up to 12 months for any clients that you refer to Massive Brand Marketing with a $1,000 or higher monthly advertising budget managed directly by Massive Brand Marketing as well as any clients that work with us for longer than 3 months.

The Details


Your referral must not be a current client, previous client or contact in our system. Payments will be processed by the 15th of a month for the previous months’ project or ad spend.

For example, ad spend/marketing managed from Jan 1-31 will result in a partnership payment being processed on Feb 15. If a client’s ad spend falls below $1,000 in a month, you will not receive a payment for that month.

Payments will be submitted after the first month’s payment. The payments will continue for up to 12 months, after which they will cease.

You must complete this form for a referral to be valid and to receive payment. Referrals provided by emails, phone calls, casual mentions or other forms of communication do not qualify for referral payments.

To submit a referral, complete the form below. It’s important to us that you have spoken to the person you are referring.

Please only refer individuals who have explicitly mentioned they need our advertising services. Massive Brand Marketing will contact the person you refer within 24 hours.

When the referral becomes a client and qualifies for a payment, the payment will be issued automatically to you based on the data you provided in the referral form.