Instagram is an incredible platform to share what you do and get other users excited about your business.

Here are 5 tips and tricks to help make your Instagram a success!


Communication is Key

Set your Instagram up for success! Pick a profile picture that clearly communicates to users what your business does. A profile picture can be what determines if a consumer clicks on your profile or not. Create a personable biography. Don’t be afraid to sound informal in your Instagram biography. A biography that is unique to the company is inviting and fun. Lastly, link your website! Adding your website to your biography makes it easy for users to find you online.


Stick with an Aesthetic

Create an aesthetic for your brand and stick to it. The layout of your profile is important as at first glance could be something that either turns on or turns off the customer. Although we want to make the profile as inviting and personable as possible, keeping the format of the pictures the same keeps the profile clean and professional looking. A little goes a long way so keep your aesthetic clean and consistent.

Create a Schedule

Consistency is key! Don’t over upload but also don’t go “M.I.A” when it comes to posting. Figure out a rotation on the times and types of postings that you want to showcase and stick to it. Websites and apps such as Later and Planoly are useful resources to help keep postings organized and on time.


Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags gives your brand an opportunity to be discovered. Using hashtags will allow your post to be seen on a tagged page regardless if a user is following the account or not. Too many hashtags could take away from the main focus of the post, but utilizing the right amount will help your profile gain a following.


Make Your Brand Memorable

Don’t be afraid to stray away from the norms. Post photos and use captions and hashtags that are unique to your own brand. Branding your hashtag will also help make your company memorable. Check out our own tag on Instagram #massivebranding  and sign up for your free audit to learn more about how to grow and develop your company so that it becomes a success!